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Active Grants by Investigators (alphabetic)

Aimalohi Ahonkhai M.D.
Decreasing Interruptions and Losses from HIV Care in Nigeria NIH/NIAID
This study identifies and explores health system-level factors associated with loss-to-follow up (LTFU) and unplanned care interruption from HIV care in a multi-site treatment program. Supported by the AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN), the specific aim of the study is to identify health system-level factors associated with LTFU, and unplanned care interruption from a large HIV treatment program in Nigeria.

Muktar Aliyu M.D., M.P.H., Dr.P.H.
Optimizing Integrated PMTCT Services in Rural North-Central Nigeria NIH/NICHD (R01HD075075)
This study implements and evaluates the impact of a family-focused integrated prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) package comprising task shifting, point-of-care CD4 testing, and a prominent role for influential family members (particularly male partners) in rural primary health centers in Nigeria. This innovative approach to scaling up PMTCT service provision, if proven feasible and effective, will be adopted in PEPFAR programs to accelerate progress toward eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV and helping women with HIV infection live long, healthy lives.

Engaging Indigenous Organizations to Sustain HIV/AIDS program in Nigeria CDC-GAP
This service program supports the provision of sustainable, high quality HIV/AIDS services to target populations in Kano, Kaduna, and Gombe states of Nigeria in the most cost effective manner with the active involvement of government, civil society and host communities.

Carolyn M. Audet Ph.D.
Traditional Healers as Adherence Partners for PLHIV in Rural Mozambique NIH/NIMH
This career development award seeks to foster the advancement of the applicant’s career as an independent HIV/AIDS researcher with a research focus on developing effective strategies to engage the army of community health workers – including traditional healers and traditional birth attendants – as adherence partners, referral agents, and educators. The goal of Dr. Audet’s research is to improve health outcomes among rural community members who seek alternative care and treatment for illness, specifically those with chronic disease, including HIV/AIDS, with a geographic focus in Mozambique.
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Scaling up comprehensive positive prevention in the Republic of Mozambique (U2GPS002770)
Positive prevention programming is designed to improve the quality of HIV care and treatment, including social support, linkage to non-HIV clinical care services, and adherence coaching, to those living with HIV in Mozambique. Carolyn Audet, Ph.D., and the Vanderbilt affiliated organization Friends in Global Health (FGH) are monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of several interventions aimed at improving HIV knowledge, increasing clinical referrals, and reducing risky behavior in HIV positive individuals. The program developed a monitoring system for tracking referrals to other services within the health system and between health services and community support groups. It also evaluates message delivery to patients by health providers during routine encounters and at support groups and meetings for People Living with HIV (PLHIV).

Kate Clouse Ph.D., M.P.H.
Population mobility and retention in HIV care among postpartum women in South Africa NIH/NIMH
This mentored K01 career development award supports training and research to explore the impact of population mobility on retention in postpartum HIV care and gathers critical information for the development of future interventions to improve retention in HIV care.
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Women’s mobility and the continuum of HIV care in South Africa.
CFAR Research Project Award
This one-year award aims to engage pregnant and postpartum, HIV-positive women as potential users to develop and evaluate a smartphone application to assist these women with linkage to new HIV facilities and prospectively describe the mobility of this population. This work will result in development of an application poised for widespread adoption within the public health sector and will inform future health systems strengthening efforts.

Marcia L. Kalish Ph.D.
Phylogenetic Characterization the HIV-1 Epidemic in Middle Tennessee
CFAR Research Project Award

Understanding HIV transmission dynamics is critical for implementing targeted testing, treatment and prevention, and successful modification and public access to the ‘nextHIV’ program will have utility for health departments and organizations beyond middle Tennessee. This project is using retrospective phylogenetic, socio-demographic, and clinical data to characterize the HIV-1 epidemic in middle Tennessee. We will assess the extent to which continued HIV transmission is driven by local social/sexual networks or introductions from outside this area. In addition, the project aims to develop a near real-time tracking system for HIV phylodynamics (‘nextHIV’), based on the ‘nextstrain’ platform.

Troy Moon M.D., M.P.H.
Bacteremia in HIV-Infected children under 5 years old, hospitalized in Mozambique NIH/NIAID (5R01AI112295)
The goal of this study is to perform a prospective hospital-based observational study of HIV-infected Mozambican Children <5 years old to determine the incidence, etiology, antibiotic sensitivity patterns and molecular characterizations of culture confirmed bacteremia.
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Accelerating Strategies for Practical Innovation and Research in Economic Strengthening (ASPIRES)
Under the guidance of FHI 360, the Accelerating Strategies for Practical Innovation and Research in Economic Strengthening (ASPIRES) project supports evidence-based, gender-sensitive programming to improve the economic security and improve health outcomes of families and children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as others at high risk of acquiring HIV.

Sten H. Vermund M.D., Ph.D.
Multi-component HIV intervention packages for Chinese MSM
Special Emphasis Panel Methods for Prevention Packages (MP3II) NIH/NIAID
This project developed and pilot tested a package of Test and Link-to-Care (TLC)-based interventions in preparation for a future community-level randomized clinical trial (RCT). Collaborators on this initiative include Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Connecticut, and the Chinese CDC.
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Martin Were M.D.
Strengthening Mozambican Capacity in Strategic Information Systems under the President´s EmergencyPlan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
Under this award VIGH will be subcontracted by UCSF to provide technical assistance to the Mozambican Ministry of Health related to roll-out of its electronic patient tracking system as well as in-country capacity to conduct implementation science research and quality assurance.

Health Informatics Training and Research in East Africa
The goal is to develop capacity for Health Informatics and conduct research in the field in partnership with Makerere University (Uganda) and University of Bergen (Norway)

HIS Evaluation Framework for CDC project HQ Building Effective Health Information Systems under PEPFAR
The HIS Evaluation Framework project is one of three projects within the grant. Under this project, I-TECH will lead and develop framework and associated tools that decision makes can apply to carry out HIS evaluation, covering all phases: design and piloting,implementation, integration and scalability, and sustained operation. VIGH’s contribution lead by Dr. Were is to provide support in the rigorous evaluation of eHealth, to assist in the generation of evidence, and to promote integration and use of technologies into already existing partner projects.

C. William “Bill” Wester M.D., M.P.H.
HIVQUAL International HRSA/AIDS Institute New York State (PEPFAR)
This project provides technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring for quality improvement in accordance with the work of HEALTHQUAL-Mozambique. Vanderbilt provides these services in Zambézia Province in the areas of PMTCT, adult and pediatric TARV, and will also assist the process of identification of appropriate performance measures for VCT and integration of HIV/TB and HIV/STI services.