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R. Jason Pitts Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biological Sciences

Dr. Jason Pitts as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt University, he has studied the molecular basis of chemosensation in disease vectors, including the African malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae and the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. His work has been focused on fundamental questions relating to the function of chemoreceptors in female mosquitoes and how they impact adult behaviors like host seeking and oviposition site selection. His long-term goals include the development of new tools for vector surveillance and integrative pest management programs. For the past 5 years he has been working with community leaders in a small village in Ghana, facilitating improvements in education and public health. Together they have founded a non-governmental organization named International Partners in Rural Development that has provided scholarships for students, established a computer and internet lab for the local school system, and constructed a public lavatory for the community.

Research Interests: Mosquitoes