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AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP)

The Vanderbilt-CIDRZ (Center for Infectious Disease Research, Zambia) AIDS International Research Training Program (AITRP) partners with international collaborators from five countries-Zambia, China, India, Pakistan, and Mozambique. The AITRP program provides training in both institutional and individual biomedical and behavioral research capacities focused on HIV-related research in prevention and care. The AITRP trains foreign scientists and key research support staff to conduct independent research and training in their home countries and to perform at an internationally competitive level in collaborations with local and foreign scientists.

Now in its fourteenth year, the Vanderbilt-CIDRZ AITRP has trained 77 persons in M.P.H., master of science in public health (M.S.P.H.), or Dr.P.H. degrees—nearly all of whom have returned to their home nations—and more than 1,000 persons in short courses conducted in home nations or in the United States.









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For additional information, contact the AITRP program manager, Holly Cassell, M.P.H.